The Evolution of News Reporting

The Evolution of News Reporting

The way we’re able to obtain the latest news offerings has undergone some extreme changes over the years. State of art technology has enabled us to communicate and get information which is constantly being improved. For example: The written paper was improved upon by viewing news documents on your computer screen, and so on. Today it’s not possible to get instant news alerts sent to your phone without having to purchase or visit a news site.

A few years ago, most if not all newspapers focused on featuring only the local news. It wasn’t always common for foreign news (news that happens outside of North America), to make it in our papers. The reasoning behind this was because communication at that time was not as advanced as it was today. This is remarkable considering we now get news updates within seconds of the news actually being reported.

The telegraph was the mainstay of communication in 1800’s, there was no other way to communicate important news in a faster and efficient manner. A message was composed via Morse code, and then interpreted by the recipient who received the message. The impracticalities included inconvenience (news wasn’t received right away), and costs. In fact, the longer the message, the more expensive it was for the sender.

Eventually, printed papers outnumbered telegraphs by the majority. Before the 1800’s printing presses were inconvenient due to their manual operation. This could account for how many actual pages of news articles were printed in just one hour. The 19th century soon produced steam powered printing presses which were capable of printing far more pages per hour.

This allowed for more people to get their hands on a newspaper.

Soon the 20th century would enable people to receive their news via the radio. By the 1910’s radio stations were actively broadcasting the latest going ons. World War I did impede on the growth of the radio, but it didn’t completely drown all attempts.

Along came the internet. This new creation threatened both newsapers and radio talk shows, as the appeal of the internet and its curiosities enthralled the general public.

Technology has improved and changed how we receive our news. With the internet being one of the top ways to learn about our going on around the world, it’s safe to say that we might be looking at a new advanced way of receiving our news here soon.