What We Do


The News Room provides full suite of a variety of services and technology available for clients to engage in. Still, some of our specialties include but are not limited to:

Court Room Reporting: The News Room employs talented court reporters who provide only the highest quality of records. These transcriptions can be delivered to suit just about any deadline, and we do include the ‘before’ version as well. IN addition to providing transcriptions, our team of high quality journalists and transcriptionists are able to provide real time text streaming for all attendees in the court room setting.

Remote Depositions: Unique for attorneys, witnesses and deponents will appreciate this service. We’ve been providing this service for years, and it’s one of the main reasons why attorneys such as yourself have been counting on us for this invaluable service.

Videography Services: The News Room frequently uses this service, but if costs concern you, then you don’t have to worry. We’ve made this service affordable as possible, but still, the end result is nothing short of quality.

Remote Trial Video: Trial costs can add up quickly, especially when you consider the cost of hiring expert witnesses to testify. The News Room enables clients to provide their very own testimony via video conferencing and live video streaming.

Legal Interpreting: Need help with a witness who isn’t fluent in English? We have your back. The News Room staff currently employs 3 translators who are capable of translating over 100+ languages. This service can be provided in the court room itself, or over a video conferencing service such as our own.

Trial Presentation: The trial is all about quality and clarity. The News Room presentation staff can help ensure you get the best possible case by using only state-of-art technology.